Planning Process

Residents may not be aware that the Parish Council is a consultee on planning applications for development within the parish boundaries. Each planning application submitted relating to this parish is published by Preston City Council. The Parish Council are entitled to make representation.


How does this work for Lea and Cottam?
Preston City Council advise the Clerk by email of any planning applications relating to this parish. The Clerk normally has 21 days to deal with the any representation that this Council might wish to make.

How does the Clerk deal with an application for development in this parish?
For routine applications such as extensions, conservatories etc the Clerk under delegated authority will consider the application himself and decide (after consultation with 2 members of the Council) whether he believes there to be any reason for making comment.

For larger applications he will place the item onto the agenda for the next Council meeting for the full Council to consider.

If it is felt that representation should be made the Clerk will then contact PCC with the Council views.



What happens then?
PCC take into account the views of the Parish Council before making a final decision. The Parish Council are consultees, they do not make the final decision but are able to influence the views of PCC.

How can you be involved?
As a resident you can make representation directly to both PCC and the Parish Council.

At Parish Council level your views will be considered before any representation is made on behalf of the Council.
At PCC level your views will be considered before their decision is made.