Council Information

The Parish Council have moved with the times and now undertake a significant amount of low level maintenance undertaken by the local lengthsman and his assistants to the open space areas in the Parish.

Daffodils - Western Approach. The Parish Council have worked in partnership with other higher tier Local Authorities in undertaking a number of small scale projects for the benefit of local residents and over the last few years have improved the Western Approach to the Parish by planting 20000 spring bulbs which have added to the attractiveness of the area during Springtime.

The Parish comprises of three wards:

Lea South (8 seats)

Lea South Ward is a continuation of the urban area of Preston City and has services and recreational facilities similar to those found on the outskirts of most large cities.

These include a golf course, sports ground, doctors surgery, two primary schools & two churches.

There are several pubs and restaurants, good local bus services and several shops which are all features of the services within the area.

The Millennium Canal runs through the parish and provides canal side walks and cycling facilities as part of the wild life corridor which runs along both sides of the canal.

This development which opened up a waterway connection between the Lancaster Canal and the Ribble estuary is now well used by local residents and is a feature of the open space aspects of part of the Parish

Lea Town Ward (1 seat)

Lea Town Ward is a small rural settlement some distance from the services to be found in Lea South and has few self contained services within its area other than a primary school, a church and a pub which provides food.

The town has little by way of public transport and lacks a post office or doctor's surgery. Situate on the outskirts of the Parish the village is surrounded by farmland and is therefore a popular residential area despite its lack of local facilities.

During the summer months the Parish Council provide an attractive display of hanging baskets in the main street of the village which are maintained by the local lengthsman.

Cottam Ward (5 seats)

Cottam Ward is an expanding settlement with extensive new building development taking place. There is a developing community supported by a Community Centre but local shop facilities are currently not available.

Plans are in the initial stages for development on the boundaries of this now very popular residential area for a large supermarket and allied open space.

The area continues to develop and land in the area is designated for future housing development dependant upon economic circumstances. The Parish Council have recently agreed to additional funding for the local lengthsman who will undertake low level maintenance works in the open space areas in this part of the Parish.

Part of the Ward is somewhat older in an area centred around Miller Green which is a green open space owned and maintained by the Parish Council and, on which is situated one of the Parish Council notice boards. Over the past few years a path has been constructed across the land and additional planting undertaken. The area is now well used by residents as a local amenity with children playing games and dog owners enjoying the open space to exercise their dogs.