Council Activities

The Parish Council have put together a number of 'working groups' investigate the potential for improvements to the area.

  1. To look at the long term future of Miller Green as a community asset and to put forward ideas on how the residents of the Parish can obtain the most benefit from this asset.

  2. To look at the potential for improving the open space areas of Lea, Lea Town and Cottam

As a result of these and other activities the following improvements have been agreed or achieved.

Miller Green improvements include a pathway across the Green. Further planting has been undertaken with the creation of bedded areas.

Dogs are now allowed on Miller Green.

An audit of open space has been undertaken and projects identified which might be suitable for enhancements - details of these will be provided as the Council agree each project.

CIL monies have been committed to open space improvements in our area.

A bee meadow has been created on Blackpool Road with wild flower seeds - it is hoped that sight of the first wildflowers will be in summer 2020

A wildlife are has also been created on Blackpool Road, scrub areas have been cleared, bird boxes erected and spring bulbs planted which should be seen in 2020

Planters have been installed on Aldfield Drive

A wildlife area cleared and fenced on Blackpool Road

Bridges in Cottam have been repaired

The benches on the two Dodney Drive greens have been moved to make them more accessible and trees planted to improve the visual aspect and help the environment.

In Lea Town lamppost planters have been installed and a garden area created at the Back Lane side of Darkinson Lane